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Question posted by Mrs Garcia from Country Unknown:

Grade/Level: Grade 6

Question solved by Model Method: Sharon mixed meat with potatoes in the ratio 7:3 to make 4 kg of meat loaf. How much meat did she use? Explain.


Step 1: This question involves the Comparison Concept. We first draw 7 boxes to represent the mass of meat she used and 3 boxes to represent the mass of potatoes she used.


Step 2: Then we draw a bracket to the right to show that the total mass of all the ingredients is 4kg. The unknown is then denoted by the "?" which is the total mass of the meat.


From the model,

10 units ---------- 4kg

1 unit ---------- 4kg / 10 = 0.4kg

7 units ---------- 7 x 0.4kg = 2.8kg

Therefore, she used 2.8kg of meat.

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