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Send us your Grade 4 kids math question and we will attempt to provide a solution using the Model Method where possible.

Please post only 1 question per submission so that we can group the questions under different Concept Models to facilitate all users' future searches for similar questions.

There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask here, just post each question separately.

Visitors to this Forum can also post their answers to your questions.

If it is impossible or not efficient to solve using the Model Method, we will attempt to solve it using other Singapore Math Heuristics.

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grade 4 maths 
Train A carried 428 more passengers than Train B . After 132 passengers alighted from Train A, the number of passengers in Train A was 5 time as many as …

Fraction of a set 
A toy shop sold only dolls and robots. In June, 1/10 of the toys sold were dolls. 32 fewer dolls than robots were sold. How many dolls were sold in that …

Fraction of a set 
Sean gave 1/4 of his marbles and another 5 more marbles to his brother. Then he had 16 marbles left. How many marbles did Sean have at first?

Age Difference Question 
Four years ago, Mrs Joon was 4 times as old as her son. 8 years from now, she will be twice as old as her son. How old was Mrs Joon's son 4 years ago?

Student Store 
The student store was selling pencils and erasers. They sold a total of 50 items. A pencil box holds 4 pencils and the eraser box holds 5 erasers. If all …

Comparison models-pls help.TQ 
I am thinking of 3 different numbers.The middle number is 22 more than the smallest number and 14 less than the biggest number.The sum of the three numbers …

4th grade math 
what fraction of 1 right angle is 50 degrees?

Primary 4 GEP 
Average of a number of files is $4. After buying another file which cost $16, the average increases to $7. Find the number of files at the beginning. …

Different way of distribution Not rated yet
Grandpa has some stamps. If he gives 6 stamps to each of his grandchildren, he will have 5 stamps left over. If he gives 8 stamps to each of his grandchildren, …

Please kindly help me solve this word problem with model solution. Tq Not rated yet
Ben and Jon had $270 altogether. Ben decided to give a quarter of what he has in exchange for a third of what Jon has. As a result of the exchange, they …

P4 Question on Simultaneous Concept Not rated yet
Hi Zach, Could you advise how to solve this question? Kindly guide on the model drawing too. Thanks! The question is: A watch costs $25 more than …

division Not rated yet
fun way to review short division

High Ability Teacher Not rated yet
The average number of red, blue, and green beanbags in a store is 136. There are 30 more red beanbags than blue beanbags. There are 15 fewer green beanbags …

How to solve this Pri 4 problem with (Comparison model with fractions)? Not rated yet
Question: 1/3 of the mass of Mr Raj is equal to 3/4 of the mass of Teddy. Their total mass is 80kg. Find Teddy's mass. (Use comparison model with fractions) …

Math Strategy Not rated yet
What is a doubles strategy? Here's My Answer by Zach (Singapore) A Doubles Strategy, quite simply put, is to count by doubling a given …

mathematics Not rated yet
900 people attended a party. 1/4 of the males and 1/7 of the females were children. the number of male and female adults were the same. how many women …

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