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Send us your Grade 3 kids math question and we will attempt to provide a solution using the Model Method where possible.

Please post only 1 question per submission so that we can group the questions under different Concept Models to facilitate all users' future searches for similar questions.

There is no limit to the number of questions you can ask here, just post each question separately.

Visitors to this Forum can also post their answers to your questions.

If it is impossible or not efficient to solve using the Model Method, we will attempt to solve it using other Singapore Math Heuristics.

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Age question 
If anyone can help to explain the working in model method. yes the answer is 45, but i just need the model method. Singapore Primary 3. Jessie is …

How to explain the solution to a 3rd grader 
Can anyone please help guide how to explain this to a 3rd grader. In the morning, there were equal number of buses and vans in a car park. In the afternoon, …

P3 Math Question 
Arthur buys some chocolates for his classmates on his birthday. If he gives each classmate 4 chocolates, he will have 23 chocolates left. If he gives …

P3 problem sum 
Abel is 27 years younger than Charlie. Charlie is 49 years older than Eve. The sum of Charlie's age and Eve's age is 57 years. How old is Abel? …

Mr. Jimmy owns a restaurant with 40 tables. A square table can seat 4 people and a round table can seat 6 people. When the restaurant is full, there are …

Model Sum - P3 
My answer is 18 however the answer provided was 54. Please advise where I miss. There are twice as many books in Box A than Box B. When some books …

Ms Tan 
A, B, C and D spent a total of $230 . A spent $10 more than B. C spent half as much as A. D spent three times as much as C. How much money did D spend? …

P3 Maths 
There are 48 more passengers on Bus A than Bus B. How many passengers to be transferred from Bus A to Bus B so that there are 24 more passengers in Bus …

P3 Problem Sums 
Janet turned to some pages of a story book she was reading. Each of the pages had a 3-digit page number. The digits on the page on the left added to 14 …

drawing a model of a four digit number 
my little sister Jordyn has a math questions taht no one in the family knows what to do and this is her question........... Write a four-digit number. …

Mr.Kumar Not rated yet
A had thrice as many stamps as B. after A sold 80 Of his stamps,B had thrice as many stamps as him. How many stamps did A have at first? Zach's Answer: …

Ms Tan Not rated yet
7 years ago, John was thrice as old as his sister. Now, the sum of their ages is 54 years. How old is John now? Zach's Answer:

Ms Tan Not rated yet
There was an equal amount of water in Tank A and Tank B. After pouring away 150 litres of water from Tank A and 250 litres from Tank B, there were 3 times …

Ms Tan Not rated yet
Yanni is 24 years younger than his father. His father's age will be 3 times his age in 3 years' time. How old is his father now? Zach's Answer: …

Ms Tan Not rated yet
Jennifer saved up some money for shopping. Her mother gave her $200 more. Mary spent $120 on a bag and half the remaining money on a pair of shoes. She …

P3 Maths Not rated yet
Ben Had twice has many books as Eve.If Ben gave Eve 20 books,Ben will have 10 more books than EVe. How many books do they have altohether? My Solution: …

P3 Problem Sum Not rated yet
3 similar files and 2 similar books cost $60. 2 such files and 3 such books cost $70. Find the cost of 1 file. Zach's Answer:

Kumar Not rated yet
I got this question from a website. Three watermelons and two cantaloupes weigh 32 KG. Four watermelons and three cantaloupes weigh 44 KG. All watermelons …

P3 Problem Sum Not rated yet
Miss Tan gave Alex, Dorothy and Jenny some sweets. Alex then gave Dorothy as many sweets as Dorothy had. After that, Dorothy gave Jenny as many sweets …

P3 Maths Problem Not rated yet
Two boys have an equal amount of money. After Boy A gives $36 to Boy B, Boy B now has twice as much money as Boy A. How much does Boy A have at first? …

Pat Not rated yet
What is the best way to explain to a third grader what a unit is in Syngapore math? Zach's Answer: If your 3rd grader has difficulty understanding …

3rd grade math Not rated yet
Sam saved $32 in 4 weeks. He saved the same amount of money each week How much did he save a week? Need to know how to answer in model method form. …

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