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Question posted by Jino Tolentino from the Philippines:

Grade/Level: Grade 4

Question solved by Model Method: Marcolius paid $4104 for 2 computers and 3 printers. Each computer cost 3 times as much as a printer. How much did he pay for the printers altogether?


Step 1: First, we draw 2 big boxes to represent the 2 computers.


Step 2: Next, we draw 3 small boxes to represent the 3 printers.


Step 3: Since 1 computer cost 3 times as much as 1 printer, we divide each big box into 3 small boxes so that all the unknown parts are equal.


Step 4: Since he spent $4104 in all, the total of all the 9 small boxes must be equivalent to $4104.



9 units ---------- $4104

1 unit ---------- $4104 / 9 = $456

3 units ---------- 3 x $456 = $1368

Therefore, he paid $1368 for the printers altogether.

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