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Question posted by kplybon from country unknown:

Grade/Level: Grade 5

Question solved by Model Method: Evan has $2.55 more than Richard. Jonas has four times as much money as Evan. The three boys have $24.15 altogether. How much money does Jonas have?


Step 1: This question involves the Repeated Variable Concept and the Completing The Whole Concept. Since Jonas has 4 times as much money as Evan, we draw 4 boxes to represent Jonas and 1 box to represent Evan.


Step 2: And as Evan has $2.55 more than Richard, Richard's model should be $2.55 less than Evan's.


Step 3: It was also given that the three boys have $24.15 altogether.


Step 4: By applying the Completing The Whole Concept, we extend Richard's model by $2.55. Similarly, we need to increase the total of $24.15 by $2.55 to $26.70.


Step 5: Thus the answer to the question will be represented by the 4 unknown units of Jonas.


From the model,

6 units ---------- $26.70

1 unit ---------- $26.70 / 6 = $4.45

4 units ---------- $4.45 x 4 = $17.80

Therefore, Jonas had $17.80.

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