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Question posted by Alison from the United States:

Grade/Level: 5th

Question: Lisa had 96 stickers. She used 1/3 of them and gave 18 to her sister. How many stickers did she have left?

I know how to do the multiplication in model drawing but how do I show the subtraction?


Step 1: Draw a long bar to represent the total number of stickers Lisa had at first. Label it "96".


Step 2: Divide the long bar into 3 equal parts and mark out 1 part as being used (1/3 of the total).


Step 3: Draw a dotted line to mark out the 18 stickers given to her sister.


Step 4: Mark out the last portion of the model as "Left".


From the model,

96 / 3 = 32

96 - 32 - 18 = 46

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