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Question posted by Tasia from the United States:

Grade/Level: Grade 5

Question: Can you help me solve the problem with a picture 3/4=6/8? Explain how you can draw a picture to show 3/4=6/8.


Step 1: Draw 4 boxes to represent 1 whole or 4 quarters. Mark out 3 boxes to represent 3/4.


Step 2: Since we want to show that 3/4 = 6/8, we should try to change the total number of boxes from 4 boxes to 8 boxes. We can do so by dividing each box into 2 smaller boxes to get a total of 8 boxes.


Step 3: Finally we can mark out a portion of the model which equals the 3/4 or 3 big boxes. This will be equal to 6 small boxes.


Therefore, we have shown that 3/4 = 6/8.

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