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Question posted by Raye from the United States:

Grade/Level: Grade 5

Question solved by Model Method : CAN i SOLVE 3 2/3 DIVIDED BY 3 WITH PICTURES?


Step 1: Draw 3 bars to represent 3 wholes.


Step 2: Divide each bar into 3 equal parts, i.e., every 1 whole equals 3 thirds.


Step 3: Draw an additional 2 thirds to the right of the model. We now have 3 2/3. Note that we also have a total of 11 parts.


Step 4: Since we could not divide 11 parts equally into 3 groups. We need to further divide each part into smaller units.

To do that, we need to first determine the lowest common multiple of 11(11 parts) and 3(to divide by 3). The lowest common multiple of 11 and 3 is 33.

Thus, we sub-divide each part into 3 small units to get a total of 33 small units to represent 3 2/3 (which is equivalent to 3 6/9) since each whole now consists of 9 small units.


Step 5: Dividing the 33 small units by 3, we get 11 small units in each of the 3 groups.


Therefore, from the model,

33 units / 3 = 11 units

11 units -----------> 1 2/9

Therefore, when we divide 3 2/3 by 3, the answer is 1 2/9.

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