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Create your very own free Math Coaching Online Journal page right here on our site!

You can upload your own photo, get support, and share your goals and your progress as you work towards helping your kid(s) master the model method and other Singapore Math heuristics.

You can use this page to share in what ways have you experienced the benefits of using the Model Method to teach your kids math?

Share your success stories, and the not-so-successful ones, no matter how small or how short it might be, you never know, you could just help another parent who is still struggling to make sense of it all....

Your encounter may just motivate and inspire another person to discover the usefulness and beauty of the Model Method in our daily quest to teach our kids math.

You can also use this page to track the different stages you went through in your journey to coach your kids math. This can be very useful especially if you have more than one kid as the journal will help you replicate the successful strategies and avoid the pitfalls you have encountered when coaching a second or subsequent child.

AND you can meet our other visitors and see how they are doing! See our newest journals, and be sure to say hello!

My Math Coaching Online Journal

Click below to view the Math Coaching Online Journals of our website visitors! Please send them support for the positive changes they are making in their kids' lives! You can also post a friendly comment, ask a question or share your own experiences.

My Math Journal Connection 
Hi! am Beth mom to 3 kids. Currently I have engaged my 2 sons Miggy now on 1st year high school and Abib now 1st year college on a regular Math tutorial …

Ethan - Our gift from God 
Today, Ethan came home and told me excitedly that he scored 99 out of 100 marks for his SA2 Math exam (Semestral Assessment 2). He then went on to tell …

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