Whole Numbers

Sharon and Cindy went shopping with a total of $300 and each bought some items. The amount Sharon spent is three times the amount he has left. The amount Cindy spent is twice the amount she has left. Given that the two friends have a total of $90 left, how much did each of them have at first?

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by Zach

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Nov 07, 2016
Alternative Solution Using Simultaneous Equation
by: Zach

Hi Siba,
Yes, Model Method is not the only way tp solve this question, we can also solve this question using Simultaneous Equations. However, at the primary level, kids are not taught Simultaneous Equations yet. In Singapore Math, we teach kids Simultaneous Equations at the Secondary 1 level. Only with some of the brighter kids do we start teaching them Simultaneous Equations at Primary 6 or even Primary 5 (sometimes even my Primary 4 pupils from the GEP(Gifted Education Programme)) is able to understand this concept quite well. You can take a look at the solution using Simultaneous Equations below. Hope that answers your question.

Nov 07, 2016
Other Methods
by: Siba

Are there other methods to solve this question

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