teaching which number is big

by Chitra

what is the teaching method for teaching which number is big for my kid ?

Here's My Answer
by Zach

To teach grade 1 kids comparison of numbers, you first need to ascertain that they have acquired the basic concepts like:

- understand that numbers represent the quantity of objects

- understand that the quantity of objects can be represented by numbers, words, concrete objects, pictorial representation of actual objects

Then you can start teaching them skills like:

- being able to count from 1 onwards when given concrete objects;

- being able to read numbers from 1 onwards

- being able to read words representing the numbers from 1 onwards

After that you start to give them 2 groups of concrete objects to compare and ask them which group has more and which group has less.

When they can handle concrete objects, then you can draw pictures of these objects on paper for them to compare.

Next, you can just simply draw bar models using the Model Method concepts to show 2 numbers for them to compare.

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