How to Help Your Kid
Master the Model Method?

"Why can't you solve this?"

"It's so simple! Think harder!"

"You've learnt this before!"

"Why are you so careless?"

"Check! Check! Check!"

"Is tuition really necessary?"

"Can I coach my kid myself?"

Have you ever tried to teach your kid math but always seemed to end up frustrated?

Do you sometimes feel the easy questions are so simple yet your kid just could not get it?

Or do you sometimes feel the tough questions are so difficult that even adults will be stumped by them?

Do you feel that although your kid had learned the topic before but he/she just somehow could not solve the questions?

You've heard that schools are using the Model Method but discovered that you do not know how to draw the diagrams.

Do you find any of these scenarios familiar? If you do, you might want to know that you are not alone. Many parents are facing the same problem simply because you were not taught Math this way when you were in school.

Attend this 3-hour workshop and learn:

- top 5 reasons why your kid struggles in Math

- 3 types of skills your kid needs to do well in Math

- the Model Method and 11 other Math Heuristics

- how you can coach your kid personally and effectively in Math

- how, with proper guidance, you can help your kid reap the full benefits of the Model Method and the other Math Heuristics throughout his/her six years in Primary School.

Speaker's profile

Previously from one of the top schools in Singapore, Zach Chee brings with him a wealth of expertise in teaching Primary Mathematics. Now, on his own as a Singapore Math Learning Coach, he specializes in teaching kids and parents how to solve Primary Schools Mathematics questions using the Model Method. He has 13 years of experience coaching kids and helping them prepare for the PSLE. At the same time, he also runs the popular website .

Talk Details (Limited Seats!)

Who Should Attend : Parents with kids in Primary School

Location: TRAINING ROOM@everydayExcel, 10 Anson Road, #26-02A, International Plaza, Singapore 079903

Date : 27 Aug 2011 (Saturday)

Time : 9.00am to 12.00pm (registration starts at 8.45am)

Fee : $50 SGD

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