Mission Impossible! From 16% to 61% in SEVEN WEEKS!

by Kedora

Dear Zach

I thank God for having you as Yezenna's tutor. It's really like searching needle in haystack! Within short period of time, she has improved significantly. We sought your assistance on 09/09/2011 with her P5 SA 1 result of 8/50 till to-date, her P5 SA 2 result was 61/100! Through your patience, guidance and creative ways of teaching, you have sped up her learning progress. There's no word to describe the amount of joy seeing the fruits of labor.I trust that her results will further be pushed to the next higher level; through the on-going learning journey with you.

P/S: To some parents, this result (61/100) may not be impressive, however within short period (09/09 - 28/10), Zach has MADE it happened for my daughter!


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Nov 05, 2011
I believe in you!
by: Zach

Dear Yezenna,
You owe it to yourself for the tremendous improvement. I also believe you can achieve greater things in PSLE. I believe in you.

Nov 05, 2011
Thank you
by: Yezenna

Thank you teacher zach for helping me to accomplish this impossible mission to a possible mission . I witnessed the great improvements in Myself !!!! I want to get a better result for my PSLE !!!!!:)

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