I am P5

by Karyn

I am gonna take PSLE next year. My tchr told me that if one year is difficult paper, next is easy and so on. So that kinda guarantees that my paper will be TOUGH, TOUGH, TOUGH! Though I sigh and moan with everyone, I feel secretly pleased as it is easier to stand out with difficult papers. Muahahahaha!

Anyway please tell me where to get PSLE Math 2010 questions I ant to review thru them as prac for the upcoming PSLE 2011 thnx a LOT, man!


Here's My Answer
by Zach

What your teacher said is generally true. So next year could be slightly harder than this year but nothing is for sure. You can't buy the PSLE Queations but can check out here for some of the PSLE 2010 Math questions posted by some of the P6 pupils.

Next year, your teachers will spent 5 months teaching you the whole of the P6 syllabus and then you will spent the next 4 months doing paper after paper until PSLE 2011. All the best to you. I'm sure you'll do well.

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