He comes up with very good methods with interesting names

by Joy Angeline Tan

Joy Testimonial

Joy Testimonial

Zach is very patient with me and he explains questions to me as many times as it takes to get me to understand the question. He also makes us laugh to keep us awake. He not only teaches me Math but also teaches me different facts, e.g. What is the largest number in the world? OR his childhood.

He comes up with very good methods with interesting names. The methods can also be used in almost all questions in my exams.

When I failed my P6 CA1, he did not scold me but even encouraged me to do better for oncoming exams and I did! I got better and better! Thank you!?!? But it is not like Zach does not scold me at all but he raises his voice at the right time.

Zach is also genuinely a very caring teacher. He is not like my previous Math tuition teacher and only teach for money. He is a man of virtue and is a very passionate teacher. He is the best Math tuition teacher I have ever met.

He should seriously consider teaching Sec School...... : ). He should improve his in-call skills. Whenever I call him he sounds grumpy and annoyed. He should clear his shelf once in a while. : ) I'm kinda a neat freak! : ) Other than those, he's good! : )

From hating Math, he made Math enjoyable for me! Thank you very, very, very, very, very, very, very, very much! I will always remember Zach, the best Math teacher in the world!

Love,(your student)
Joy Angeline Tan ;)
2012 (P6)

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